News to Read While You’re Watching the Snow Melt

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Panel Calls for Depression Screenings During and After Pregnancy

I’d love to think that the US Preventative Health Task Force read my post about the struggle of dealing with depression during pregnancy, but it’s more likely they just woke up to the reality that maternal-- not just postpartum depression-- is a BFD. Now they are asking all doctors to screen (which means asking a bunch of questions) expectant moms for it. Hopefully a clear plan of how to treat it will follow.

This New Approach to Mental Health Care Could Save Lives

In their recommendations about maternal depression, the US Preventative Health Task Force was like, “Wait, we should just screen EVERYONE for depression.” Luckily, it’s on the list of preventive services covered by insurances companies under Obamacare.

"Schizophrenia Gene" Discovery Sheds Light on Possible Cause

Schizophrenia messes with your mind, literally. Scientists have figured out that “improper pruning of neural connections could lead to the development of schizophrenia.” It’ll be awhile until this new discovery leads to better treatments, or even a cure, for the disease, but it’s a major breakthrough. #Kudos

4 Technologies Innovating Mental Health In 2016

The tech industry is starting to zero in on mental health with apps, wearables, and innovative therapies. According to Forbes, these are the ones to watch.

Gun Violence Not a Mental Health Issue

While policymakers debate gun control, a Duke professor who specializes in gun violence and mental illness wants to make it clear that there is very little overlap between the two issues.

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