Mental Health News You'll Actually Want to Read

New Hope for Mental Health Reform

Senators take another stab at passing a mental health reform bill during an election year. Senate Republicans and Democrats are crafting a new bill, which may or may not include parts of the Senate and House bills that are now collecting dust.

What Kind of Boss Causes the Most Stress?

Evidently, when it comes to stress, it’s better to have a boss that is always hovering around your cubicle, asking about a TPS report or telling you to cancel your weekend plans, than one who is only a jerk part-time.

Death By Text

When someone talks about wanting to kill themselves, most of us are desperate to say anything to make them stop. That’s why this story in New York about a teen who sent her boyfriend hundreds of texts encouraging him to kill himself is so disturbing. The court case that follows could shine a light on the importance of suicide prevention.

Why Stress Makes Your Hair Fall Out

If you still don’t think managing stress is a big deal, consider this: studies have found that three months after a stressful event, your hair could fall out at 10 times its normal rate. #selfcare