Mental Health News to Get You Through Labor Day Weekend

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Why College Is a Risky Time for Students’ Mental Health

It isn’t stress or even the booze bender many students begin when they set foot on campus. The reason college mental health is becoming such a huge issue is due to bad timing. An estimated 75% of all mental illnesses begin to develop before age 24, which is when so many people happen to be in college, and away from their support network. This week NAMI and the Jed Foundation published a guidebook for students and their parents. Consider it a required reading.

In Latest Policy Rollout, Clinton Puts Forward Agenda to Combat Mental Illness

HRC, who I’m with, dropped a major policy memo this week that calls for the integration of mental health into health care, a national suicide prevention initiative, and an investment in brain and behavioral science research. This is a woman who believes in science, y’all. Read her Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health.

Johns Hopkins, Salk to Co-Lead $15M Effort to Unravel Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

Speaking of science, the BFD John Hopkins School of Medicine just announced a plan figure out what causes two of the most devastating mental illnesses - schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. You don’t have to be Bill Nye to appreciate the effort to speed up research that could lead to better treatment for the 14 million Americans with a serious mental illness.

Can You Treat Anxiety With YouTube Videos?

A very smart woman said, “Watching videos about people talking about their anxiety on YouTube is a net positive. It can make people feel less alone and encourage them to take action to deal with their mental health issue.” OK, that was me. Read this Guardian article to find out what I think about chewing gum as a way to deal with an anxiety disorder.


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Why Celebrity Accounts Of Depression Are Vital

One in five people will experience a mental health disorder-- and lately it seems like just as many celebrities are opening up about theirs. But unlike most star trends, this one is actually good for everyone.The USA Today looks into why these celebrity confessions are so important, especially when they go viral. Maybe “they’re just like us” after all!