Mental Health News You Need to Know This Week

Just Because You’re Being Treated for Depression Doesn’t Mean You Have It

JAMA released a study showing that the majority people with depression still aren’t getting treatment, while a whole lot of people with mild symptoms are taking antidepressants. Sadly, it’s people of color and those with lower incomes who aren’t getting their RXs.

 Courtesy of NPR

Courtesy of NPR

A Silent Epidemic

NPR makes it easy to see why public schools need to focus on the estimated— 10 million! — students from K-12 who are dealing with a mental health disorder.

Suicide Prevention: 5 People and Groups Doing Great Things to Raise Awareness

Your grandma’s favorite weekly, Parade, shine the spotlight on some of Psyched’s favorite people in the suicide prevention world. Kudos, y’all.

 Courtesy of New York Magazine. 

Courtesy of New York Magazine. 

What TV Gets Wrong About Mental Illness

While there are a lot more characters with mental illness in Peak TV Land, most shows (we’re looking at you UnReal) still do a pretty terrible job of portraying it. New York Magazine has some tips for show runners.

Can Blood Tests Detect Schizophrenia and Other Mental Illnesses?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could confirm a diagnosis of mental illness with a blood test? Science is on it.