V-Day is the Perfect Time to Send a Virtual Hug to A Friend Who Needs One

Since I’ve introduced you to Shine Text and Happify, I thought it was high time to show off a cool site I created while at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Lifeline E-Cards are like any other e-card you might find online, except that when you send one to your friend, they can also click to chat with a counselor if they’d like. Totally optional, but it's a good link to keep handy. That makes them perfect for those times when you are pretty sure everything is not actually “fine.”


One of my favorite things about the cards is that you can write your own message-- or select one based on the occasion for sending. It’s especially handy when it’s an anniversary of a death or another tough time.

Someecards, they are not, but it’s not all womp womp womp. Some of the cards are pretty funny. Like the ones starring Rich Mahogany of Man Therapy. (More to come on him soon.)


If I sound like I’m getting paid to plug these cards, it’s because for awhile I was. I’m still really proud of them and I’ll be sending a handful out on V-Day. No one deserves an empty mailbox on Valentine’s Day.