The Docz Are In

If your typical MO is to turn to Google when you have a question about mental health, then you know what it's like to come up with some sketchy search results. A new app, Docz, will save you time and freak-outs.

There are hundreds of mental healths in the App Store. Docz caught my eye not only because it gives people a safe, stigma-free, place to share advice about mental health issues-- those answers are verified by a pro.

Here’s what the Docz have to say about it:

“Docz allows you to discover others who have similar lived experience and allows users to connect with each other via anonymous private chat so that you can get the support you need...when you need it.”

At its heart, Docz operates a lot like a message board—but a super streamlined one. It also allows gives you the ability to chat with people you’ve met on the app. That makes it easier to build your own little support network of people who are going through the same issues you are.

Docz is available in the iTunes store.