The Suicide Rate is Too Damn High

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

The CDC delivered a crushing blow today to those of us in the suicide prevention biz. Despite the surge in hotlines and texting services and campaigns that urge people to seek help, there are a thousands of people who are killing themselves. While the numbers are higher in all demographics other than the 75+ crowd, the number of middle-aged women (that’s ladies 45-64) who took their lives increased by a whopping 63%.

The #WhatYouDontSee Twitter Trend Sheds a Light on What Depression is Really Like

A cool campaign out of the UK wants people to know that you can’t tell if someone is depressed based on how they look. #Truth

Should Mental Health App Developers Back Up Their Claims With Clinical Evidence?

If you’ve spent any time at the App Store, you’ve probably come across an app claiming to boost your mental health. And they don’t always explain how or include the clinical evidence that could back up those claims. On one hand, research takes a loooong time and the tech world moves super quick, it may not always make sense to have a stack of studies before going to market, but that shouldn’t give techies the right to just make shit up.

Large-Scale Effort Needed to Stop Mental Illness Stigma

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine wants to #StoptheStigma. The group studied anti-stigma campaigns in three countries have advice great advice for what to include.