Mental Health News That Isn’t an April Fool’s Joke

How Patty Duke Broke a Hollywood Taboo and Became a Mental Health Pioneer

So many celebs have been opening up about having a mental illness that it’s almost not even newsworthy anymore. Almost. This week Cara Delevingne and Wentworth Miller opened up about their struggles with depression. But we can’t ever forget the bravery of Patty Duke who told the world about her diagnosis of bipolar disorder/manic depression back in 1987.

When is a Public Figure’s Mental Health or Addiction Status Off-Limits?

(Answer: Always.) Trump wants the world to know that his rival’s wife, Heidi Cruz, has suffered from depression. The MinnPost asks a bunch of people what they think about that. Maybe someone should ask Heidi Cruz? #Nothingaboutuswithoutus

The Facts the Nation Needs to Face on Mental Illness

Representative Tim Murphy is still fighting for his bill to help families help their loved ones with mental illness. “In the name of civil liberties, we are “preserving their right to self-decay,” says Murphy

Here’s How Big Tobacco Targets Mentally Ill People

People with serious mental illness smoke one-third of all cigarettes in the US. It’s time to quit.

'Survivor Literature' Class Taking on Suicide Prevention

Anne Frank would be proud.