News to Read in Between Super Bowl Commercials

27 Mood Lights to Keep You Happy, Relaxed, or Focused

If you're looking for a happy light to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, New York Magazine has you covered. They reviewed a slew of light boxes from trendy to high tech, all designed to boost your mood in the dreary days of winter.

CDC Calls for Increased Research into the Safety of Antidepressants During Pregnancy

Now that doctors are supposed to screen pregnant women for depression, the CDC is asking scientists to hurry up with that research about the safety and effectiveness of using antidepressants during pregnancy. #aboutdamntime

How Your Depression Can Hurt Your Kids’ School Performance

Parents with untreated depression got a bad report card in a new study published in the Journal American Medical Association’s Psychiatry edition that connects the illness to poor academic performance in their offspring.


John Green on Mental Illness: ‘There Is Hope’

The author of The Fault In Our Stars joined the growing list of celebs who are “out” about their mental health struggles. In an essay for TIME’s new site, Motto, Green wrote about a time when he wasn’t in control of his own thoughts.