News to Read While Pondering Why Columbus Day is Still a Thing

 Courtesy of  The New York Times

Courtesy of The New York Times

What If Your Stress Level Was Visible for Everyone to See?

Paris Fashion Week unveiled a collection of very expensive smart glasses and belts that monitored their biofeedback and then showcased the model’s stress levels as they walked the catwalk. Kind of makes you long for the days when 4-inch heels were a big deal. Fashion is weird.

Trump Suggests Military Members with Mental Health Issues Aren’t ‘Strong’ and ‘Can’t Handle It’

Don’t really need a fact checker to know that actually, members of the military are strong, despite what one Presidential candidate said this week. Their kids, who are also strong, need therapy too.

 Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Mental Illness Is A Health Condition, Not Halloween Entertainment

Hat tip to Huffington Post blogger Lindsey Holmes for setting the record straight that you shouldn’t be a “mental patient” for Halloween.

Pharma Company Lannett Raised Price of Schizophrenia Drug By 1,650%

Remember when Mylan jacked up the cost of the EpiPen? And when “Pharma Bro” increased the price of a life-saving drug by more than 5,000%? Now, the same thing is happening for a antipsychotic drug taken by millions of people with schizophrenia. A monthly dose went from $11 to $151. Not cool.