Shine at Work (Even When You Want to Crawl Back into Bed)

If you were lucky enough to have a break from work between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, heading back to the office this week may have had you feeling a bit down in the dumps. I’m not talking about depression, just the sad realization that there are a lot of business days until Memorial Day.

Thankfully, just as I was rolling into work today, I got a text from Shine. It’s free text service that sends non-cheesy affirmations, confidence tips, and funny GIFs to subscribers every work day.

Shine is based on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principle that positive affirmations can help your mind reprogram negative thought patterns— and the common knowledge that a GIF of Liz Lemon being a badass is bound to put a spring in your step. It’s so simple, but it does really boost my mood. Even more than a latte. #RIPPumpkinSpiceLatte

The free service is pretty simple. It’s kind of like getting a bunch of encouraging emoticons from your bestie. Except that the texts are from the three brilliant ladies who founded Shine in effort to reverse feelings of self-doubt that half of women say they feel at work.

And, because all of this goodness takes place on your phone, you can easily send the messages along to your pals. Or just sign them up now. Because no matter how much you love your job or how you spend your 9 to 5, we could all use a pick-me-up to help “slay the day.”