News to Read While You’re Snowed In (or Watching East Coasters Whine About it)


The Wage Gap May Explain Why Depression Is More Common in Women

Money still can’t buy happiness, but scientists have spotted a connection between depression and the wage gap between men and women. Women are twice as likely to have depression than men, and as you know, also make 82 cents to every man's dollar. In a new study, researchers compared women who earned as much (or more) than their male counterparts and found lower rates of depression.

Aid Workers Suffer Mental Health Crisis

Workers from NGOs who are deployed to help out at the front lines of war zones and disaster sites are having a crisis of their own. A survey found that 80% of aid workers have experienced a mental health issue such as depression or PTSD. #NotCool

Study Shows That Social Media Does Not Affect Mental Health

You now have another excuse to waste time on your phone. A new study says social media may not be bad for your mental health. In fact, all those micro interactions are actually supportive.

Gun Violence: Is Obama Right To Cite Mental Illness?

In this Newsweek op-ed, two former APA presidents question Obama’s strategy to include $500 million in mental health spending his package of executive actions to control guns.

Doctors Think Teenagers Should Be Screened Annually for Depression

In an attempt to ID mental health issues early and prevent suicide, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants 11 to 21 year-olds to be screened for depression each year. (Good luck with that.)